We’re not here to make claims that there is a single “best” time of year to buy a boat, because every situation is different. Plus, here in Florida, the pre-owned boat market is always booming. However, we often find that sellers are more motivated in the fall for a number of reasons. We’ll go through a few and explain why now might be a good time to look into your next boat if you’ve been considering it for a while.

Many boat owners look to sell in the fall because the best time of year for boating is over and they are dealing with a number of tasks to prepare their boats for winter. Faced with storing a boat for the winter and performing the necessary maintenance sometimes becomes too much and an owner becomes motivated to sell. Additionally, with the holidays around the corner, selling a boat can provide a little extra cash for gifts or other extraordinary purposes.

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Fall also tends to mean less competition from other buyers. As you might expect, the springtime gets boat owners and prospective buyers excited for the summer ahead, dreaming of days on the water. Early in the year, there are many highly motivated buyers who may swipe in to buy your prospective boat or drive up the price to the point where you’re stretching your budget.

In the fall, the excitement around boating tends to lessen, leaving strategic buyers with a great opportunity to buy.

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