How to be a boater on a budget

If you’ve never owned a boat or considered yourself a “boater”, or even if you have, you probably think of boating as an expensive hobby. For many, it’s a small price to pay for the fun, excitement, and social benefits, but you might worry about putting too much pressure on your wallet as you get started.

While there are ways to spend a lot of money buying boats and boating accessories, there are affordable alternatives that can help you enter the boating world without breaking the bank. Below are a few key insights to help you become a boater on a budget.

Buy used

This might sound obvious, but we see so many first-time boaters looking to buy new right away. While buying new isn’t a problem, and you’re sure to get a great boat, Florida has an incredible pre-owned boat market that will allow you to find a high-quality boat at an affordable price. Whether you want a small fishing boat or a pontoon to help you host a group of friends, you can find what you’re looking for in the used market. At Florida Mariner, we have a huge selection of pre-owned boats and can help you get started boating on a budget.

Share a boat with friends or family

While some boat owners couldn’t go more than a couple days without getting out on the water, many more casual boaters only take theirs out a few times per month. If you, or a close friend or family member, think you’d fall into the second category, consider sharing ownership of a boat. You can still look to the pre-owned market, but only paying half the cost up front can make things much more affordable.

Plus, sharing ownership should allow you to save on maintenance, accessories, and any other upgrades you want to make. Of course, you’ll have to clear use with your ownership partner each time, but that may be as mall price to pay for all the money you’ll save.

With smart financing and strategy, you can own a boat on a budget and end up making very digestible monthly payments. View our pre-owned boat inventory to find out just how affordable boat ownership can be.