Almost 12% of households across the country own a recreational boat. These vehicles provide all kinds of fun during the warmer months on the water, whether that be a lake or in the ocean. There’s really nothing better than a day spent with family and friends on a boat and so many people agree!

In order to have the most fun on your boat, it needs to be ready to go whenever the time is right. Keeping a boat clean and well-cared for eliminates any potential issues and helps you enjoy it more. 

Creating a solid cleaning routine and schedule will allow you to enjoy your boat for years and years. Maintaining a boat is pretty straightforward but it’s important to avoid these boat cleaning mistakes for the most success! 

1. Using the Wrong Cleaners 

Most boats are made up of a lot of different materials; vinyl, fabric, plastic, fiberglass, and wood are some of the most common. Each of those has different cleaning needs you’ll want to pay attention to when choosing cleaning products. 

One of the most common issues people run into is when they use bleach. It can ruin the colors on the boat and get worse as it sits in the sun. Pay close attention to any recommendations and strictly follow those! 

2. Cleaning Infrequently

Just like a car or house, the longer you go without cleaning your boat the bigger the job will be. It’s best to give yourself a set schedule to clean your boat to avoid these necessary deep cleanings. 

And then you can add in additional seasonal cleanings, to prep for the summer season or get it ready for winter storage as well. 

3. Ignoring Material Instructions 

Not only do you need to follow the recommendations for which cleaners to use or avoid, but it’s also important to follow the actual instructions as well. 

Some materials need to avoid the dryer and some need to be cleaned in a shady area. This is especially important for vinyl seat covers or engine parts on the boat. 

4. Avoiding Preventative Steps

The best boat cleaning routine is to do your best to avoid damage or messes in the first place. When you take preventative steps to keep things clean as you use them, there will be less work for you after each trip. 

Things like keeping boat cleaning products on hand can make a big difference as you can clean up messes as they happen. 

Boat Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

When you can avoid these boat cleaning mistakes, you’ll keep all the parts in tip-top shape and help them last as long as possible. And best of all, you won’t have to spend extra money replacing them early!

The best thing you can do for your boat is clean it after every use to avoid damage and having to delay the fun next time you want to use it. A quick clean-up and wipe-down are usually sufficient to keep everything looking nice and ready to go. 

If you’re interested in getting a new boat, contact us today to see your options!