boat depreciation

We’re not here to make claims that there is a single “best” time of year to buy a boat, because every situation is different. Plus, here in Florida, the pre-owned boat market is always booming. However, we often find that sellers are more motivated in the fall for a number of reasons. We’ll go through...

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boat rental


May 2020

Renting vs. Buying a Boat: The pros and con boat shoppers need to know It’s an age old question when it comes to so many of life’s most significant purchasing decisions: Do you buy or rent? While this is true of homes and automobiles, it’s also a question many prospective boat owners (or renters) face....

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pontoon boat


Mar 2020

What are the best pontoon boat brands? When buying a pontoon boat, you’re faced with a lot of choices. Do you buy new or used? Should you buy from a dealer or find an independent seller? How much are you willing to pay for your pontoon? While these are all important considerations, you can narrow...

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Oct 2019

Cabin cruiser boats: What they are and why you might want one You may have heard the term “cabin cruiser” before. If you’re new to the boating community, you probably knew it was a boat, but maybe not much more. In this blog, we’ll cover the definition, describe the characteristics, and discuss the appeal of...

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used boats

Used boats under $10,000 in Florida At Florida Mariner, our huge selection ranges from quality boats less than $10,000 to like-new yachts that cost 10 times as much. Take a look at our online inventory and see the broad range of options available. While some of the higher end boats for sale at Florida Mariner...

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May 2019

What to look for when buying a used pontoon boat A pontoon boat is more than just a boat. It’s about getting together with friends and family and sharing a unique experience on the water. At Florida Mariner, we have a number of pontoon boats available from leading brands like Manitou, Crest, Bennington, and many...

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If you want to buy a boat, you probably know the name Florida Mariner. In fact, you’ve probably flipped through the pages of our free magazine publication, which is regularly distributed to hundred of locations throughout the state of Florida. That visibility among Florida boat owners and sellers makes us a great resource for buying...

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