Is it a boat or a lemon?

When you’re on the market for a boat, you don’t want to get the shorter end of the stick; you want a sweet deal at a reasonable price.

The good news is that there are things you can do to ensure the best possible outcome on your boat purchase. Read on to get the best tips on buying a pre-owned boat.

Boat Base

Nobody wants to fall through a hole in a boat. You’ll need to make sure the boat base is intact and able to perform while on the water. Strong boat bases are essential on all types of boats.

A solid, sturdy boat base can keep you on the waters for years after purchase. A weak boat base poses dangers to passengers and will need repair or replacement sooner rather than later.

Is the base in good condition? Can the boat base hold the weight of many people?

You want a strong base that can carry everyone onboard and any accompanying equipment.

Check for signs of damage and corrosion at the base of the boat. If the boat base is too weak, consider leaving the deal.

Boat Damage

Used boats will typically have some damage, but not enough to scrap it. You can repair damaged boats at minimal cost to you. If you find a good deal, you may not even have to schedule any repairs at all.

Check for signs of boat damage such as:

  • Cracking
  • Flexing
  • Mold
  • Compromised fiber-glass
  • The presence of moisture in wood

A brief boat inspection is worth the effort. You can expect some damage to the boat but can repair most of it. If you find something that cannot be repaired or would cost more than the purchase price, then look elsewhere for a better deal.

Boat Oil

The oil can tell a lot about the condition of the boat. You can do a quick check on the oil to see what you can find.

Look at and run your fingers through the oil. The oil can tell you how well the boat is doing.

Milky oil occurs when water seeps into the engine. The oil tank may have cracked, allowing water to flow inward. The influx of water may also corrode the boat gears.

The presence of solid substances such as filings and metal can point to a worn engine, which will cost a lot to replace or repair.

In either of these situations, it may be best to abandon the boat altogether.

Boat Electronics

Electronics are important for boat operation but are easy to replace when needed. Still, you should check to see what you need to repair or replace.

  • A faulty battery will need the attention of a technician.
  • Faulty wiring will need professional help, too.
  • Aged and damaged bulbs need replacement.

Peeled wires indicate an overheated engine, which will cost a lot to repair or replace. You may want to leave the deal at the sign of engine problems.

A Pre-Owned Boat Bargain

A pre-owned boat can get you on the water at a considerably lower price than a new boat. You will need to do your due diligence and inspect the used boat to ensure a good deal. These boat buying tips will make it easier to find a worthwhile boat.

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