Cabin cruiser boats: What they are and why you might want one

You may have heard the term “cabin cruiser” before. If you’re new to the boating community, you probably knew it was a boat, but maybe not much more. In this blog, we’ll cover the definition, describe the characteristics, and discuss the appeal of cabin cruisers.

What is a cabin cruiser?

A cabin cruiser is a type of boat that can cruise long distances, as their names indicate. While traveling those long distances, they typically provide accommodations well beyond the typical boat with a main living area nestled in the hull of the boat. These types of boats are often temperature controlled with heating and/or air conditioning, water heaters, electrical, and other household commodities to help keep passengers comfortable during long travel.

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A cabin cruiser typically has one or two motors and are usually somewhere between 20 and 45 feet long. Although all cabin cruisers are power boats, you’ll see some with sails to help stabilize the vessel, although nowadays most are equipped with stabilization fins.

Although cabin cruisers have many characteristics of a yacht, they are typically considerably smaller and far less expensive, making them a great option for anyone considering coastal tours or other long boat trips.

Why you might want to own a cabin cruiser

By this point, it might be obvious, but a cabin cruiser might be right for you if you’re considering any type of long-term waterway travel. From Florida, there are many boat tour options that are well worth the time, including trips to the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas National Park.

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