How to safely and effectively grill on a boat

Is there anything that says summer more than the smell of the grill perfectly a burger on a hot day? While backyard BBQs are great, you can up the ante on that experience by bringing it to the open water and grilling on your boat.

If you’re new to boating or just new to the idea of grilling on a boat, let’s first establish that this is completely legal, as long as you’re aware of and follow all local regulations. For instance, if you’re fishing, you may have limits on if and how much fish you can consume while still on the water. Of course, most regulations are focused on keeping the grill secured and the water clear.

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The first step to safely and effectively grilling on your boat is to find the right grill. Your first choice is to decide between a portal electric or propane, both of which work great on a boat. Unfortunately, charcoal grills are not a good nor safe option on a boat, as the wet conditions will dampen your charcoal and debris may float near passengers, other boats, or into the water creating pollution.

Once you’ve determined the type of grill, start thinking about the size of the grill, both in relation to the number of passengers you typically have aboard and how large your boat is.

While smaller grills are more portable, boat owners who plan to use their grill regularly may find it convenient to buy a boat grill mount, which will provide stability for your grill and make the process of grilling on a boat more similar to the backyard experience. Look for a mount that is capable of rotating so that you can easily shift the grill out of the way while not in use.

Similar to the portable versus mounted grill consideration, you’ll want to think about whether you want to keep your grilling equipment on deck or bring it back and forth each time you decide to grill. There are some great portal grilling sets that stow away without taking up much storage and have all the equipment you’d want for most grilling jobs.

Grilling on a boat adds to the experience of an afternoon on the water, as long as it’s done safely and there is enough food for everyone on board!