Best snacks for a day on the boat

Let’s be honest, snacks are one of those things that make any gathering better. Whether each guest brings their own to share or the host creates a full spread, a good snack selection is a great conversation piece, but also keeps anyone from getting “hangry.”

If you have a group on your boat, preparing snacks can be a little trickier than for a traditional get together. You have to consider the temperature, limited surfaces, access to utensils, and ease of access. With that in mind, here are some of the easiest and best snacks for a day on the boat.

Fruit and/or vegetable tray with dip

This is an easy one, and you can even pick it up at your local grocery store if you’re short on time. A refreshing fruit or vegetable tray is always a hit when you’re out in the hot sun. Bonus points if you bring individual cups for each person to have their own dip!

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Cheese and crackers

Another staple, cheese and crackers (and sausage, if you want), makes for quick assembly mini sandwiches that everyone will love. With no utensils or surfaces required to eat, this is the ultimate finger food for the boat.


Another option you can grab from the grocery store, muffins are individually wrapped, don’t require cooling, and come in a multitude of flavors. Just make sure you have a trash can available for the wrappers.

Cold salmon and crackers

This requires a little prep, but is still incredibly easy. Smoke or grill a salmon fillet the night before, cool it overnight, and put in an easily accessible container. Bring a couple of spoons or plastic knives for people to grab pieces of salmon to top crackers. A touch of balsamic or a soft cheese make nice additions as well.

Snacks are essential to a great day on the boat. Whether you want to make something at home or make a quick stop before you hit the water, don’t forget the snacks for your day on the boat!