Keep Your Boating Skills Sharp while Safer at Home

The “safer-at-home” order in Florida and many other states has left a lot of us doing things we wouldn’t normally do this time of year, or ever, for that matter. With kids not in school and parents’ work lives interrupted, the routines we’ve all become accustomed to have been turned on their side.

Of course, with this additional down time, many boaters are itching to get out on the water. Although actively boating may not be an option now, there are plenty of things boaters can do during the “safer at home” order due to COVID-19.

Detail your boat

If you store your boat at home or have a private area, now is the perfect time to detail your boat and have it looking like new. Start with a rinse and soap, then move on to buff and wax the exterior. Your future passengers will also appreciate a deep clean of your boat’s interior, which includes wiping down all surfaces, polishing metal, and removing stains. A pristine boat will make that first excursion all the sweeter.

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Take an online boating course

There are an abundance of online boating courses available to learn more and sharpen your knowledge about boating or boating-related topics. Florida offers its online course for boater safety education, but there are more advanced courses from the U.S. CoastGuard, BoatUS, and many other resources.

Watch Boating Videos

While online courses may earn you certifications and licenses necessary for boating, YouTube offers a variety of boating-related content that ranges from beginner-level to advanced. You’ll find channels focused on sailing, motorsports, boat maintenance, tying knots, and so much more.

Browse Classified Ads

Florida boaters may be interested in browsing our online classified ads, where you can buy and sell Florida boating equipment through our platform. You’ll find motors, trailers, harbor space and so much more!

While we navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times, let’s work together to keep the boating community active while remaining “safer at home.”