These homemade, environmentally-friendly boat cleaners will help you save money and keep your boat looking pristine

Any good boat owner takes pride in their vessel. Whether you own a brand new speed boat or you’ve been sailing old reliable for a decade, a clean boat not only looks good, but also helps keep its value higher should you you look to sell your boat in the future.

While there are many boat cleaning solutions available in stores, you can make effective, environmentally friendly boat cleaners at home for most of your maintenance tasks.

Boat Deck cleaning solution

A simple, homemade boat deck solution is comprised of one part vinegar and eight parts warm water in a spray bottle. Using a soft-bristle brush, this solution will clean all the bird droppings, dead insects, dirt, and algae that are sure to accumulate over time. A word of caution — if you plan to use this solution on wood, test it in a small area first to ensure the vinegar doesn’t change the color of the wood surface.

Vinyl seat cushion cleaner

A lot of boats feature white seats that show a lot of dirt. A quarter cup of white vinegar and a quarter teaspoon of dish soap (vegetable-based) mixed with warm water in spray bottle is a solution you can count on. You don’t want this solution to be foamy and you should use a soft cloth to wipe them down.

Boat Window cleaner

If your boat has windows, use a cup of white vinegar and a quart of warm water to wash them, or use smaller portions of the same ratio.

Boat Metal cleaners


There is no mixing necessary to clean chrome on your boat. Simply rub apple cider vinegar over your chrome surfaces and wipe clean with a dry, unused rag.


A clean cloth sprinkled with cream of tartar and warm water will make for a great polish for aluminum surfaces.


Equal parts vinegar and Worcestershire sauce mixed with a little bit of salt will help you clean up any brass elements.

Homemade, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for your boat not only help you save money, but they keep your boat chemical free, which is great if pets or children are on board.