For many boat owners, one of the biggest perks is getting the opportunity to do more activities and spend more time with the family. On the open water and free from distraction, the family boat is where many families create lasting memories. But before you can enjoy all that comes with that life, you have to find the right boat for you and your family.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to “the best boat for families,” because it’s dependent on what you and your family like. Are you seeking a relaxing day of cruising? Fishing? Water sports? Finding out which boat will meet your family’s personality is key. To help you get started, here are some considerations when choosing the best boat for your family.

Pontoon boats

Pontoon boats are versatile, stable, and have plenty of room for your family and their friends. Many pontoon boats have enough power to allow for tubing or water skiing and are great for the family who wants to get in and out of the water, enjoy some snacks, and have plenty of storage.

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Deck boats

If you like the idea of a pontoon boat but want something with a little more giddyup, a deck boat is a great option. With large, open air decks and the sporty performance of a bowrider, you can truly get the best of both worlds with a deck boat.

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Cabin Cruiser

If your budget allows it, a cabin cruiser lets you take the family out for vacation on the water. With access to most modern amenities and space for everyone, you can spend a weekend cruising the open water and making stops around Florida’s many top boating destinations.

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Fish-And-Ski boats

For the active family who wants to start their day catching fish and finish it catching thrills, fish-and-ski boats live up to their name. These boats have built-in conveniences fishing enthusiasts love, like rod holders, a trolling motor, and livewells, but can also provide some great performance when it comes to tow sports.

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While there is no perfect boat for every family, there is a perfect boat for your family. Take a look at our huge selection of boats in Florida and find your perfect boat at the right price.