Whether you’re looking to upgrade your boat, sell it for cash, or invest in a different type of boat, there is no better way to reach potential buyers in Florida than through Florida Mariner. Boat owners looking to sell their boats are invited to partner with us for an easy and effective way to list their boats for sale.

Boat owners looking to sell through Florida Mariner have several opportunities to have their boats found by the right buyers.

Why Sell Your Boat With Florida Mariner?

First, your for-sale boat will be listed in one of the best-known boating publications in all of Florida. Our magazines are distributed to boatyards, marinas, and many other relevant locations throughout the state where prospective buyers can get a closer look at your boat. In addition to the print publication, you can also find the Mariner eBook on our Facebook page, website, and several other online locations.

You’ll also earn placement in our easily sortable online inventory. By posting online, you can provide several photos of your boat and make notes on condition. Plus, the ability to easily sort by price, type of boat, condition, and many other criteria helps put your boat in front of buyers who are looking to buy the specific type of boat you have for sale.

Lastly, if you’re looking to sell your boat, boat parts, or boat accessories in Florida, you can take out a classified ad in the Florida Mariner magazine to get even more eyes on your for-sale products.

Selling your boat with Florida Mariner is easy. To get started, simply visit our login page and fill out a quick web form. Or if your prefer, give us our office a call at (941) 488-9307 or toll free at (800) 615-5089. You can also reach us by email at ahoy@floridamariner.com.

With decades of experience, customer testimonials from around the state, and a passion for the Florida boating industry, we love helping boat buyers and sellers find exactly what they’re looking for. We’ve sold thousands of boats for major sellers and individuals alike. From large marinas that frequently buy and sell boats to individuals looking to sell their boats without the time and hassle of selling independently, Florida Marina is the best place to turn. We’ve made it easy to sell your boat in Florida for decades, and just as we were years ago, we’re here for you today.

Whether you’re looking to sell a performance boat, personal watercraft, pontoon, power boat, or yacht, you’ve come to the right place. Sell your boat through Florida Mariner, and your boat will find a new home quickly and easily, and you’ll go home with plenty of money in your pocket.