U.S. boat sales continue to reach record highs. This makes right now an excellent time for selling a boat. But to get the best price for your boat you need to develop a selling strategy.

Learning how to sell a boat for top dollar is all about making proper tactical decisions when it comes to the marketplace. But you don’t have to go at it alone, use this guide to find out some tips.

That way when the time comes to sell your watercraft you know that you will be getting the very best deal and finding it a happy new home at the same time.

Benefit From These Unprecedented Times

Covid 19 increased boat sales to record levels. People wanted to take to the water to escape the chaos on the land. For you as a boat owner, these unprecedented times offer unprecedented financial opportunities.

With boats in short supply, your watercraft is now your goldmine. Selling your boat during the middle of this pandemic could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Use Multiple Channels When Selling A Boat

Selling a boat privately to a friend or acquaintance can be an easy way to facilitate your deal. Just don’t expect top dollar. Your best bet to get the best deal on your boat is to use multiple channels.

Put an ad in the paper, use online classifieds and display your boat in a prominent place in town with a “for sale” sign on it. Screen all offers through your email to avoid having to take calls. Pick the best offer once it comes in.

Clean and Maintain Your Boat

A dirty boat won’t fetch top dollar. The best way to sell your boat is to make it clean and in good working order. Handle any major mechanical issues or disclose them at the time of sale. Clean your boat before showing it.

Handle Paperwork Beforehand

Sometimes when selling a boat paperwork can be your biggest hurdle. If you lost your title, don’t fear. Selling a boat without a title is still feasible if you draft a bill of sale. The buyer can apply for a title with this after the sale.

Be Aware of Scams

Never finalize your transaction with a private online money transfer. The best way to sell a boat is in person where the buying party gives you either cash in hand or a verified check.

It is also ok to use a third-party marketplace or classifieds website providing that they take proper security precautions and can guarantee the authenticity of your transaction.

Enjoy Your Money and Freedom

Your boat may have brought you much joy, or it may have brought you a never-ending series of chores. Either way, selling a boat will always net you some money and additional free time.

Use the tips in this guide to facilitate your selling process so it goes as smoothly as possible. If you want a great place to list your boat during your selling process, contact us today. That way you’ll be in for smooth sailing.