Last year in the United States over 300,000 power boats were sold, which was a 12% increase from the year before.

With more people enjoying boating and outdoor activities in recent years now is a great time to sell your boat. It is also a great time to own a boat. If you’ve got an older boat that can lead to a dilemma, should you sell your boat or fix it?

If you’re stuck with this question, let’s break down the choices and what they mean for you. It may be easier to sell your boat, or fix it than you think.

Sell Your Boat

Selling a boat can be a long, complicated process. You need to make sure that you advertise your boat online. Finding a reputable boat listing site to sell isn’t difficult and getting the right price is easy if your boat is in decent condition.

If you have an older, damaged boat you may think that the cost of repair will be too high.  A damaged, used boat isn’t going to be worth a lot when you sell or trade them in. There are ways to increase the value of the boat without breaking your bank to do it.

Refurbish Your Boat

On the face, this may seem like a daunting task that is impossible. The reality is that even simple refurbishment can add a lot of value to your boat. Restore a bit of the luster and the value of the boat will rise, an old refurbished boat is worth more now than ever before.

Doing more than just basic repairs can be a lot to ask. It requires specialized knowledge, tools, and experience. In the case that you need serious boat repairs, you can always seek an expert opinion. Find out what a professional boat repair service will cost, and weigh it against the value of the boat.

Cost vs Reward

A lot of whether or not you should sell your boat will come down to how you feel about it. Do you want to get rid of your boat and find a new one? Are you happy with the old boat, or don’t want to give up the memories associated with it?

You need to make a decision here that you are comfortable with. If you want to restore your old boat to her glory days and take her out on the water, nothing should stop you. If a nice, new boat is your speed, then that should be your goal.

The Freedom of Boating

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of boating. Whether you are boating on the open ocean, in a sheltered bay, or enjoying water sports on a lake, nothing comes close. The wind rushing off the water, the spray, and the movement of the waves are all irreplaceable.

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to sell your boat, contact us. At The Mariner, we have access to brokers, classified listings, and a wide array of knowledge that might help you. We always want to hear more from our viewers.