Understanding the differences between Multihull and Monohull sailboats

When searching for a sailboat, there are some important choices to make, including whether you want a multihull (catamarans and trimarans) or monohull sailboat. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the key differences and similarities between these two types of sailboats.

Sailing comfort

Many modern catamaran multihull sailboats offer a level of space and comfort unmatched in the monohull segment. The added space allows for comfortable, livable conditions that can make a day on the water much more than a boat ride. In general, you can expect a catamaran to have space equivalent to a monohull boat under its main deck.

Part of the reason that livable space is so valuable in a multihull boat is the fact that it’s usable whether you’re sailing or anchored. A multihull boat provides more stability and level sailing with heels rarely exceeding 10 degrees, making it easy to enjoy a meal or socialize below deck.

Speed and performance

You probably expect a multihull boat to be faster than a monohull, but just how much faster? In general, you can expect a multihull boat to be about 25% faster than a same-sized monohull boat. A trimaran is even faster with the ability to double the speed of a monohull.


As we noted in the sailing comfort section, the heel of multihull boats rarely exceeds 10 degrees. Of course, that number can be put to the test when weather conditions become unfavorable. The stability of a multihull boat will help you stay above water when things get rough. Additionally, the speed of a multihull boat can help you get out of a worsening situation faster. If you’re monitoring the weather, you can make a much quicker retreat in a multihull boat.

While multihull boats come with a higher price tag, there are many benefits to catamarans and trimarans. At Florida Mariner, you’ll find a great selection of multihull and monohull boats at many sizes from leading brands. Browse our new and pre-owned sailboats and contact us for more information.