What to look for when buying a used pontoon boat

A pontoon boat is more than just a boat. It’s about getting together with friends and family and sharing a unique experience on the water. At Florida Mariner, we have a number of pontoon boats available from leading brands like Manitou, Crest, Bennington, and many more.

The dream of owning a pontoon boat doesn’t mean you have to buy new. Use these tips to identify some of the most important things to look for when buying a used pontoon boat to find a great deal.

A sturdy hull and straight pontoon logs

Of course, this is the most important area of the boat. Check for cracks, patches, or any other irregularities. Without a sturdy hull, your investment may end up sinking.

Similarly, the pontoon logs should be straight and free of cracks, dents or holes. If there are problems with the logs, make sure you understand their severity and when they might need to be addressed.

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Outboard engine cowling

If you’re not comfortable inspecting the engine yourself, find someone who can confidently identify problems. If you see any signs of seepage or escape of gas or other liquid, you’ll want to make sure those issues have been professionally addressed. It’s also a good idea to understand how many hours the engine has been used and its repair history.

Seating, flooring, furniture, and gauges

With a visual inspection, these can all be done pretty quickly. Identify any cracks, tears, chips or any other irregularities in any of these areas. When seeking a pre-owned pontoon boat, you likely won’t find perfect condition, but it’s important you shop around to find the perfect balance of price and quality for your budget.

Of course, before buying, make sure you get to take a test drive of the pontoon so you can make sure it runs well and has no operational issues. You’ll also want to ask for proof of ownership if you buying through an individual rather than a dealer.

At Florida Mariner, you’ll find plenty of used pontoon boats for sale at great prices. Don’t miss our selection as you seek your next pontoon boat purchase.