Best boating smartphone apps of 2019

For some, a day on the water is about detaching from the day-to-day. Many boaters decide to tuck their phones away while boating, but many others have gotten used to taking advantage of all the great boating apps that are available today. Check out some of the best boating smartphone apps of 2019 below to add some cool insights and information to your boating experience. Of course, we encourage you to only use your phone while anchored and not while driving the boat.

Boat Master app

New, and even experienced, boat owners sometimes have difficulty parking their vessels. Boat Master is here to help by providing an app that simulates marina parking in a variety of boats in many different conditions. From a motor boat to a superyacht, Boat Master helps users get comfortable with parking a boat in a no-risk situation.

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Boating Marine & Lakes app

Normal navigation apps aren’t always the perfect fit when you’re out on the water. Boating Marine & Lakes is a handy navigation and nautical charts app that helps you plan routes and get to your destination efficiently. The app features dock-to-dock autorouting, weather and tide information, a navigation module, and nautical charts.

Boater’s Pocket Reference app

This app provides hundreds of pages of boating information in a single location. Everything from how-tos and reference facts to formulas and graphs, the Boater’s Pocket Reference has a wealth of information that boaters of any experience level will appreciate. Whether you need to know how to tie a certain knot, better understand weather conditions, or a reference for mechanical or electric elements of your boat, this app delivers.

Your phone can be a great asset while boating when taking advantage of these, or one of the many other great boating apps available in 2019. Check your device’s app store and test a few out until you find the ones that best meet your needs.