As a boat owner, you probably know the feeling of wanting to add accessories, gadgets, and new features to get even more from your vessel. Of course, those costs, plus regular maintenance, can start to weigh on your wallet. While we love when boat owners invest and take pride in their boats, we know it can be difficult to prioritize which accessories will provide the biggest benefits, both to your boat and for your bank account. Today, we’ll make the case for a boat lift.

Benefits of a boat lift

You may not be surprised to find out that a boat lift elevates your boat above water while docked. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand a few ways in which a boat lift can benefit you as a boat owner.

Less cleaning

A boat that remains docked in the water is going to accumulate algae across the bottom of the surface. Cleaning that algae is cumbersome and time consuming, and reducing the frequency is something any boat owner can support. Additionally, some boat lifts include an overhang, which adds an extra layer of protection for the top surfaces and interior of your boat.

Immediate boat use

While trailering your boat after each use is an option to keep your boat out of the water, it makes for more work when you want to take off and when you want to call it a day. Boat lifts provide the preservation benefits of dry storage without the pains of trailering.

Reduce maintenance costs

You invested a lot into your boat, and when parts like lift switches, shafts, and props have constant contact with the water, you may run into problems. In general, boats kept on a lift will require significantly less maintenance than one that remains in the water, helping to keep the resale value of your boat high.

How much does a boat lift cost?

To understand whether or not a boat lift is worth the investment, you must understand how much it costs. Like most boat accessories, boat lift prices are largely dependent on the size of boat and the type of lift you want. Cantilever boat lifts, which can be used for smaller boats, range from about $500 to $2,500. Vertical or Hydraulic boat lifts, which are typically for larger boats and can come decked out with some great accessories, can cost anywhere from $1,500 to near $20,000.

While the upfront costs may look a little intimidating, it’s important to remember the long-term benefits. Not only will you save on maintenance costs, but if you plan to sell your boat, its resale value and demand will be much higher if prospective buyers know your boat was lifted.