There are countless recreational activities that require vehicles. There’s dirt-biking, four-wheeling, off-roading, RVing, and more.

However, land travel isn’t for everyone. A lot of people prefer spending their recreational time on the water, as there are a lot of benefits of boating. For that, you’ll need a boat.

The only question is, what type of boat do you want? For that matter, what types of boats are available on the market?

Your decision will come down to what you plan to do on the water, but it helps to know your boat options. Keep reading for a quick guide on finding the best boats for your needs. 

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are some of the most stable types of boats because they use a pontoon on each side to stay afloat. These boats are generally wide and somewhat square in design. Aesthetically, they’re not much to look at, though their appearance has evolved over time with some improvement.

If buying a boat with multiple applications is important to you, a pontoon boat can deliver. They can trail waterskiers, wakeboarders, and inner-tubers, but are limited on speed. Pontoon boats are also ideal for cruising and fishing.

Fishing Boats and Trawlers

Fishing boats come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and capabilities. You can keep it simple and get a man-powered rowboat with minimal accommodations if you prefer a minimalistic approach. However, this will limit you to calm rivers, lakes, and ponds.

There are also motor-powered fishing boats and trawlers if you want to be able to fish in a larger variety of waters. These typically come with onboard coolers to keep your fish in, navigation systems, sonar, and more.


If you plan on spending a lot of time on the water, embarking on long voyages, and escaping from the rest of society, a houseboat might be your best option. They’re like RVs but on the water.

Houseboats come with everything you need to live comfortably. This includes a full kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and community living spaces.

To power your appliances and electronics, houseboats come with different means of producing electricity. Some use generators while others rely on solar power and batteries.


Yachts are some of the most memorable types of boats and are usually reserved for people with a considerable amount of disposable income. Yachts are quite expensive, but for good reason.

These are the best boats for hosting parties. They’re also incredibly powerful and make good boats for taking long trips.

Yachts have comfortable living quarters and all the accommodations you would need for living on a boat. They also come with a ton of luxuries you wouldn’t find on a simple houseboat.

What Types of Boats Are You Interested In?

As you can see, there are many different types of boats you can find on the market. We hope this guide on how to buy a boat helps you come to the right decision. Take a look at your budget and figure out what types of recreational activities you want to engage in.

For more boating tips and boat buying advice, stick around and look through the rest of our site. And if you’re ready to start shopping, take a look at our boats for sale.