Did you know that more than 87 million adults in the United States went boating? So if you’re ready to take the boat out this summer, you might consider hosting a party. 

But you want to ensure that you impress your friends and family. It can feel difficult to figure out what to include for the epic party, but it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on hosting a boat party this summer and ensuring that it’s a nice time. 

Plan Boat Party Activities

From fishing competitions to dance-offs, the activities are endless! You could even have karaoke parties. It could lead to various destinations in Florida too.

Include a sound system and karaoke machine. If it’s within the budget, you could hire a DJ. Avoid outdated songs that your friends won’t enjoy. 

You could even host a murder mystery. Get everyone involved in solving the murder. Have a prize for the winner. 

An 80s music party is also fun. Tell everyone to come in their favorite 80s clothing and have music playing. Make sure that you have an 80s theme throughout the boat. 

Determine Your Boat Party Budget

Think about your budget before you decide on the party and where you’ll sail next. Drinks, entertainment, food, and boats could add up quickly. 

If you’re hiring musicians, be aware of all fees. Consider tribute bands if you’re on a budget. Reach out to multiple musicians to receive quotes and compare them. 

Safety Is the Top Priority

Educate yourself on supplies and safety tips. You’ll want rope, a first aid kit, a flashlight, duct tape, a bucket, etc.

Bring life jackets for everyone aboard. Ensure that it matches activities such as fishing. Try on the life jacket before buying it. 

Find out through your insurance company what will and won’t be covered. Be aware of weather conditions before heading out, and be prepared. 

Ensure that everyone has a safe trip home from the boat. If necessary, you could have some camp out on the boat. Have a pick-up and drop-off location for everyone to use. 

Send Invites Early

Send out invites early so that you can plan. You can decide which parties will be appropriate and ensure that you have enough food and drinks for everyone.

Include the boat’s theme on the invitation. Have an early RSVP date to allow everyone enough time to respond. 


You’ll need to have a variety of drinks. You’ll also want to have plenty of ice. Have a freezer or cooler available. 

Tips on Hosting a Boat Party

After exploring this guide, you should have some solid tips for hosting a boat party this summer. Take your time coming up with a plan, budget, and activities. 

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