We have a large sand problem that has been festering inside Johns Pass for nearly my entire lifetime. This issue is now coming to a head as it continues to grow and worsen. That issue is sand encroaching into Johns pass forming a large beach along the North West side of the pass. This new beach will take over johns pass and all the boardwalk businesses in a short time if it was not for the continuous and awfully expensive efforts of our business, Hubbard’s Marina. That burden is on our shoulders and a fight we must take on nearly every 2-4 weeks just to be able to keep our doors open and allow us to provide for our families. After large storms that sand overtakes our docks and leaves our bait tanks dry and our boats sitting on dry land. If we did not dig our way out following these storms that sand would continue to shut down other businesses along the boardwalk. We have canceled tens of thousands of dollars in trips due to this issue because our boats are literally no longer in the water and we have lost countless thousands of dollars in live bait due to no water available to pull into our live bait wells. Luckily, we are able to save the remaining boardwalk tenants along the boardwalk this pain by our bimonthly operations to hold back the sand. We spend on average 75- 100 thousand dollars a year to combat this ongoing problem that could be remedied permanently with some help from the city, the county, and the state.

More information on how to help

Please visit Hubbard’s Marina for more information on how you can help.