Why the Coronavirus pandemic pushed boat sales to record highs

The past year has been a difficult one for people across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic forced individuals to socially isolate, leading to businesses closing, children learning remotely, lost jobs, and so many other hardships. While social distancing may have been one of the most recited new phrases of 2020, new consumers in the boating industry saw an opportunity to follow guidelines while still partaking in recreational activities.

According to Fox Business, last year’s boat sales marked a 9 percent year-over-year increase in sales, propelling boat and marine product sales to $47 billion. That trend is continuing in 2021, as new boat dealers are selling boats at an incredibly high rate, making it difficult to keep inventory.

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No matter your stance on the status of the pandemic, boating was and continues to be a safe and fun alternative to gathering in large crowds while still getting the feeling you’re with a group of people. On the boat itself, you can keep your circle small, and encounter other boaters at a comfortable distance. It’s this dynamic that pushed the initial surge in new and pre-owned boat sales and has likely played a role in that ongoing trend.

While the pandemic may have been a catalyst, there are trends that indicate the surge in boat interest and sales is here to stay. With boat subscription models, resource websites, and rentals all seeing upticks in business continuing as the nation opens up, these trends look to be more than blips on the radar.

Now, a year and half into the pandemic, and there are more boats on the water than ever, due in large part to first-time boat owners.

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