Best songs about boats for your summer playlist

Whether it’s classic rock n’ roll, country, hip-hop, or anything in between, there are thousands of boat references across all genres of music. With lyrics about the prestige of owning a yacht and others about the serenity of sailing, the boating life is often romanticized in music. While it’d be impossible to give the perfect listing of the best songs about boats, we’ll highlight a list of our favorites to add to your boating playlist.

Song: Buy Me a Boat
Artist: Chris Janson
Best boating lyric: Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy me a boat.

Song: Boats
Artist: Kenny Chesney
Best boating lyric: Boats, vessels of freedom, harbors of healin’…boats.

Song: Fishin’ in the Dark
Artist: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Best boating lyric: You and me go fishin’ in the dark, Lyin’ on our backs and countin’ the stars, where the cool grass grows.

Song: I’m on a Boat
Artist: The Lonely Island
Best boating lyric: Yeah, never thought I’d be on a boat, It’s a big blue watery road, Poseidon look at me!

Song: Boat Drinks
Artist: Jimmy Buffet
Best boating lyric: Boat drinks, Waitress, I need two more boat drinks.

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Song: Redneck Yacht Club
Artist: Craig Morgan
Best boating lyric: Side by side, there’s five houseboat front porches Astroturf, lawn chairs and tiki torches Regular Joes rockin’ the boat, that’s us — The Redneck Yacht Club

Song: Come Sail Away
Artist: Styx
Best boating lyric: I’m sailing away, Set an open course for the Virgin Sea. ‘Cause I’ve got to be free Free, to face the life that’s ahead of me

Song: Pontoon
Artist: Little Big Town

Best boating lyric: On the pontoon, Making waves and catching rays up on the roof, Jumping out the back, don’t act like you don’t want to, Party in slow motion, Out here in the open