It’s no secret that the Sunshine State loves its boats. Believe it or not, there are now over 1 million registered recreational boats in the state of Florida. This makes boating one of the most popular pastimes in the state, but that doesn’t mean everybody knows how to do it!

Owning a boat doesn’t make you a mariner. ItĀ starts with caring for a boat. Here are some proper boat maintenance tips to follow this year!

1. Keep a Boat Maintenance Schedule

Caring for a boat means understanding its needs. If you lose track of its maintenance schedule, it could result in costly repairs. Much like a car, neglecting preventative maintenance can result in thousands of dollars in damage.

Always check your manufacturer’s recommendations for oil changes and other routine maintenance tips. From there, write them down on the calendar or set a reminder on your phone to keep your maintenance schedule on time.

2. Remember Your Engine’s Worst Enemy

Boats are often berated as “horrible investments” or “money sinks” because they’re basically cars that sit in their engine’s worst enemy; water. Submerging any piece of metal, especially ones that run on fossil fuels, is a recipe for disaster, but only if you don’t pay attention. With proper care, boats don’t need to have engine troublesĀ at all.

Flushing your engine with fresh water frequently and changing the oil every 3 to 6 months (check your manual) will ensure that your boat’s engine lasts as long as possible. The only reason a boat’s engine won’t last as long as a car is if you allow dirt and water to clog up your engine and fuel system.

3. Inspect Daily

Inspections should be routine during peak season. When you get on your boat, there are a few things to check frequently.

First, simply walk around and check the hull for any issues, especially scratches, scrapes, and rust formation. Rust can form quickly in salt water, so take the extra minute to check. It’s essential to address rust right away.

On top of that, check your upholstery and hull once a week to look for signs of mold or mildew, especially in the Florida humidity. Seams and crevices are the most likely spots for these to grow, so monitor closely. Also, feel free to check your battery terminals as well for any corrosion.

4. Use the Right Cleaning Products

Cleaning a boat is essential, and we recommend doing it every week during peak boating season. However, using the wrong cleaning products could be counterproductive and even leave your boat open to rust or corrosion. Check out some common cleaning mistakes to avoid if you want to learn more!

Keep It Swimming

Now that you know some helpful boat maintenance tips, put them to use immediately. Taking care of a boat is a major responsibility, and failing to do so properly will result in a lot of money wasted.

Stay up to date with our latest maritime tips, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!