Did you know that some of the earliest evidence of boats stretches back to the 4th millennium BC? The ability to traverse long stretches of water enabled exploration and trade, expanding our horizons as a species like nothing else.

Boats have come a long way from the dug-out trunks of trees that got us started. We all carry powerful computers in our pockets, and the applications for them haven’t left the boating world stranded.

Read on to find out the five best boating apps available!

1. US Coast Guard Mobile App

When it comes to enjoying a day at sea, the US Coast Guard Mobile App is an absolute must-have.

This application enables easy access to all kinds of helpful information compiled by the US Coast guard to help recreational sailors get the most from their expeditions.

Local safety laws and requirements are highlighted, including specific recommendations based on your boat’s specifics to ensure smooth sailing.

2. Marine Weather Forecast Pro

When it comes to must-have boating apps, there’s no arguing this one. Knowing how conditions are going to develop at sea is one of the more important pieces of information for anyone venturing off the coast.

Forewarned is forearmed, and the information available in this app is second to none and highly popular for good reason.

Tide forecasts, buoy data, NOAA weather map overlays, and automatic severe weather warnings for your area are just some of the helpful and in-depth information included with this app.

3. Snag a Slip App

At a moment’s notice this app lists likely spots to tie up if you want to head in land for whatever reason. Include this in your list of apps for better boating and never worry about finding a slip again!

References are available for the type of slip, making checking for suitability a breeze when it comes to the size and type of your boat. The app is also owned and run by boating enthusiasts just like you, so you can count on the reliability of the information offered!

4. Boatyard App

On-demand cleaning, mechanical maintenance, and fuel delivery. It might sound too good to be true, but this is the real deal!

This app ensures that if something goes wrong or you’re missing something you need, you can easily get in contact with people who know what they’re doing at the touch of a button.

5. FishWeather

Looking to go out and hook a beauty or two?

Featuring a unique live wind view, and real-time reports from local weather stations, this is an app you’ll thank yourself for downloading. Sea surface temperature reports, radar maps, tide reports, and lists of the world’s top fishing destinations will make sure you won’t be going home empty-handed.

Boating Apps 2022

Making use of apps for boating is a no-brainer. Simply pick the ones you’re interested in and you’re all set for whichever kind of voyage you feel like, be it intercontinental or going out in the bay for a spot of sunbathing with the family.

The days of fumbling around with astrological charts and a sextant are long behind us, and thank goodness!

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