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Experience the ultimate renewable energy boating. Perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a romantic evening with your significant other. Solliner is a solar-powered electric catamaran that offers numerous benefits for eco-friendly boating experiences. It is sustainable, relying on solar energy and producing zero emissions during operation. The catamaran's silent operation enhances the enjoyment of nature and wildlife without disturbing their habitats. It is also highly energy-efficient, eco-friendly watercraft utilizing advanced solar technology and lightweight materials to maximize energy usage and extend the cruising range. With a reduced number of moving parts, Solliner requires less maintenance and has lower overall maintenance costs. Additionally, it offers a luxurious onboard experience with comfortable seating areas, lounges, and open deck spaces for relaxation and entertainment and zero-emission green boating experience. The electric propulsion system is easy to operate, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Overall, Solliner combines sustainability, silent operation, energy efficiency, low maintenance, luxury, and ease of use to provide a premium boating experience while minimizing environmental impact for eco-conscious mariners.

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