Did you know that when the Ancient Greeks invented the boat anchor, they called it “teeth?”

Anchors have come a long way since then. They’re an essential part of any boat, and there are a wide range of boat anchor types to choose from. Problem is, which one do you choose?

Some anchors work great in rocky ocean bottoms, while others work great in sand and mud. Some anchors allow a human to throw them, while others are much larger than a human.

In this guide, we’ll help you to find the best anchor for your vessel.

Type of Boat

First, the type of anchor your purchase will depend on the type of boat you have. Obviously, a large anchor wouldn’t be ideal for a small boat. But have an anchor that’s too small, and your boat risks drifting out to sea.

Anchors have weight ratings, and your boat can only handle anchors within that weight category. Bring an anchor that’s too large, and you risk damaging your boat.

The weight of the anchor will also decide if you will be handling the anchor by yourself. If not, you’ll need a dedicated winch to raise or drop it.

Boat Anchor Types

To choose the right anchor, you’ll need one that works best for your use case. If you frequent rivers and estuaries, then you’ll only need a river anchor. If you spend time in open waters with muddy bottoms, then that river anchor won’t serve you well.

Most modern anchors, for small boats, do not rely on weight to anchor you in place. Rather, they use their sharp edges or hooks to establish a hold on the seabed. They either burrow deep into the sand and form a tight grip or latch onto rocks. This is known as holding power, and strong holding power is essential with infirm bottoms.

Some anchors will be easy to retrieve, and some will require maneuvering to pull them free. Some anchors are ideal for when a current runs in a certain direction, while other anchors will adjust to your orientation.

Boat Anchor Material and Construction

An anchor for a boat is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. These materials resist corrosion and give the anchor a lifetime of durability.

But another factor to consider is build quality. If you’re going for the best, you’ll want a forged anchor. These are made of top-grade steel, heat-treated, and tempered to provide incredible reliability and durability.

But if you’re looking for a cheap anchor that gets the job done, then you can find a cheap, light one made of aluminum.

The material and construction will be the main factor in deciding the price. Purchasing from established brands like Delta and CQR ensures your anchor meets only the highest standards.

Go Out and Get the Best Boat Anchor

A boat anchor comes in many different types and sizes. The type of anchor you choose will depend on your vessel and the waters that you travel. You may need more than one anchor and an auxiliary winch depending on its size.

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