When you think of inflatable boats, what comes to mind? For many prospective boat buyers, inflatable boats aren’t often considered because they are a newer option in the boating market. There are many advantages to rigid inflatable boats, which we’ll highlight below. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at an inflatable boat in Florida, you can see our selection by browsing our online inventory or by giving us a call so you can check one out in person.

Rigid inflatable boats are lightweight

With inflatable siding and, most commonly, a laminate hull, inflatable boats are extremely lightweight, which delivers several benefits. First, as you might expect, they get exceptional fuel economy, which will save you money and require fewer fill-ups.

The lightweight construction also allows for a greater carrying capacity. While it’s important you adhere to your boat’s max carrying capacity, you can typically carry more cargo because the weight of the boat isn’t as much of a factor.

Power and speed

Originally designed and built for rescue missions, many rigid inflatable boats are able to use more powerful motors. With less horsepower required to get moving, you’ll operate more efficiently and experience new levels of power and potential speed.


As a key factor in any boat purchase, there are some great safety benefits to inflatables. Their inflatable sides make docking or accidentally bumping another boat much less dangerous (and costly). With the ability to reduce impact in small and even more serious collisions, rigid inflatable boats are often more safe than their traditional counterparts.

Inflatable boats are used by the military, law enforcement, and first responders, among many other groups of boaters. As you consider options for your next boat, don’t forget about rigid inflatable boats as quality alternative to more traditional boats.