Preparation is key to keeping your boat safe in a hurricane

When it comes to hurricane season, planning to protect your biggest assets is vital. Preparing in advance ensures you have a plan for your home, vehicles, boats and other large investments before a hurricane reaches the Gulf. While a pending hurricane can be a frightening time, there are some simple steps you can take to help keep your boat safe in a hurricane.

Keeping your boat safe in a hurricane

The worst place your boat can be during a hurricane is in a boat lift. Even if you’re unable to take care of any of the subsequent steps, getting your vessel significantly reduces the likelihood of it being blown in the air, filling with rainwater, or being destroyed with the dock it is in.

If you’re short on time or don’t have more secure storage for your boat as a hurricane approaches, moving it to the water is a better option than keeping it in the lift. Floating docks and docks with tall pillings tend to be more secure, so keep that in mind when choosing where you leave your boat.

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While these first two options are less than ideal, the best choice is to get your boat on dry land, ideally on higher ground. When a hurricane hits, lower ground will not remain dry, so your best option is to store your boat higher than the expected surge level.

When it’s on dry ground, let some air out of the tires to reduce its ability to move and strap it down when possible.

No matter where your boat is stored as a hurricane approaches, you’ll want to take time to remove anything that could be lost. Things like sails, cushions, life jackets, covers or anything else that could be lost should be stored separately.

An approaching hurricane is a scary situation, but if you have a plan and take the proper steps to keep your boat safe, you’ll drastically increase your chances of avoiding serious damage or total loss.