Did you know that 52% of adults plan a summer getaway? If you’re looking to step up your vacation game or plan the perfect summer event, there’s never been a better time to get started. And nothing makes a special occasion better than hosting it on the open waters. 

Make your next party a boat party. Read on to learn how to plan a sunset boat cruise!

Choose a Theme 

When you’re planning a party, use a theme as your guide. For instance, you could go with a retro boat party theme that brings some 80s glamour to your boat deck. Ask guests to dress up as their favorite 80s celebrity or character.

Or you could go with a luau theme to make sunset cruises feel even more festive. Give your guests a lei as they arrive and ask them to wear their flashiest floral attire. You’ll create a colorful scene that you can pair with festive decorations and food.

Determine Your Boat Party Activities

During a boat party, you want to offer plenty of ways to keep your guests entertained. If your new boat has room, you could set up a card table for games or face painting for the littlest guests on your boat. You also could host a cocktail mixing contest or grab your fishing gear for an evening of relaxation. 

Swimming or snorkeling could be another great activity for a boat party. Even if you’re hosting a sunset cruise, as long as you keep on the navigation lights, you’ll provide enough illumination for swimmers. And they’ll love experiencing the warmer water temperature as they watch the sun go down. 

Keep the Food and Drinks Flowing

No sunset cruise is complete without a tasty food and beverage menu. Consider offering finger foods, like shrimp cocktail or pigs in a blanket, to help encourage mingling. Guests can load up on as little or as much as they want!

And keep the drinks flowing. You may want to hire a bartender to mix up a signature cocktail and serve wine and beer. Or, if you want to keep your budget a little lower, just keep plenty of cans of beer cool in ice buckets around the deck.  

Put Together the Perfect Playlist

If you’re planning a party, put together a playlist that suits the special occasion. You might feature steel drums, for instance, if you’re going with a Caribbean theme. For a milestone birthday, you could want a list of favorite tunes from the person with the birthday.

Queue up your tunes and check the speakers before you head out for your sunset cruise. You’ll enhance the atmosphere when you have the best music playing!

Plan a Sunset Boat Cruise

A sunset boat cruise is a memorable way to bring together friends and family. Use a theme to inform your planning process, but always make sure you have enough food and drinks to keep guests happy. Put together the perfect soundtrack and plan a few activities, as well. 

When you’re ready to find the perfect boat for your needs, contact us so we can help!