Choosing the Best Boat for a Family

For many, owning a boat is about more than getting to spend time on the water as a hobby or a thrill (although owning a boat can provide both). Often, boat ownership is a way to bring friends and family together and create lasting memories. In fact, many boat owners are second or third generation owners who have memories of their own growing up with a boat.

There are a lot of great options for family-focused boats, but we’ll cover a few of our favorites to help you choose the best boat for your family.

Fish and Ski Boats

As you might expect from its name, fish-and-ski boats provide plenty of family fun because they are perfect for fishing and watersports like boardring, tubing, and of course, skiing. There are a few types of fish-and-ski boats, but if you truly want to do both, you’re best bet may be a hybrid design.

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Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are great for families and friends because they are spacious and sturdy, but also pack a punch. Today’s pontoon boats may not look fast, but with modern engines, they can deliver performance that any boat enthusiast would appreciate.


Although sailboats take a little more skill, patience, and know-how than power boats do, teaching your kids and their friends how to sail is not only a great life skill, but also an opportunity to create some incredible memories. Additionally, sailing takes teamwork that the entire family can participate in, which makes for great family bonding.

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