Is there anything better than a relaxing day on the water in a pontoon boat? While the atmosphere on board is often laid back, there is plenty of fun to be had when you find a place to anchor. Who needs water skis and wakeboards when you can have a day of family fun with some of these awesome toys for pontoon owners.

Inflatable Pontoon Slide

Who needs a water park when you and the family can cruise down an inflatable slide off the side of your pontoon? These slides often include a high-pressure inflator/deflator and can easily be folded in a duffel bag or cooler for easy storage.

Typically, these slides strap to the side of your pontoon and support somewhere around 250 pounds. A pontoon slide is sure to be a hit with the kids, and not so bad for the parents either.

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Inflatable Floating Dock

Gone are the days of looking for a good spot to dock your boat. With an inflatable floating dock, you can have a sturdy surface for lawn chairs or towels, a platform for kids to jump off of, or a place to set your cooler while you swim. Like the slide, it is easy to store and can be inflated quickly so you don’t have to prepare before you head out on the water.

Inflatable picnic table

Relaxing on the water is what boating is all about, but when you want to literally relax ON the water, an inflatable picnic table is a great option. These tables often feature cupholders, a central cooler with a drainage port, and an anchor. Whether you want to enjoy some snacks or play a game of cards, an inflatable table is the perfection solution.

Of course, before you buy the toys, you need the pontoon boat. Florida Mariner is your resource to find pontoon boats and so many others.