Making friends with someone who has a boat is always a good idea. It’s a great way to get out on the water and enjoy a great day with friends if you don’t have a boat yourself. While you might think riding on a boat as a passenger is an easy job, there are some important responsibilities you should take on to help the driver and other passengers stay safe. In many cases, the boat’s owner will ask you for help when they need it, but being a proactive passenger will help you get invited back, and also keep everyone safe. Keep these three things in mind next time you board a boat.

Lift the ladder if you’re the last on board

When you’re the last one on the boat, many driver’s will assume you have lifted the ladder that people used to climb on board. The ladder can knock against the side of the boat once your captain starts driving, and it’s not something you want to find out the hard way. If you’re not sure how to lift the ladder, ask the driver or another passenger.

Minimize distractions

A day out on the boat should be enjoyable, but when the captain is driving, docking, or checking for traffic, try to quiet conversation and help whenever possible. With several people on board, it can be difficult to focus, and an additional pair of eyes and the ability to concentrate on the task at hand will help the ride go smoothly.

Keep the boat clean

During the ride and after, make sure you’re doing your part to help keep the boat clean. If you have trash during the ride, find out where a trash can is located on the boat, or bring your own trash bag if you’re not sure. Once the ride concludes, don’t get off the boat until you’re sure any and all cleanup is complete.